Austin, Texas is a gorgeous city full of life, culture, and a lot of amazing food. From the amazing BBQ to the famous tacos, Austin has so much to offer when it comes to cuisine. Grilled cheese sandwiches are one of the ultimate cheesy comfort foods, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Austin has taken this classic and put their own spin on it. 

2020 voters agreed that Texas has the best food in America, and the grilled cheeses on this list certainly live up to that ranking. Keep on reading to find out where to get the gooiest, most mouth-watering grilled cheese sandwiches in all of Texas and maybe even the world. 

Grilled Cheese Society

Grilled Cheese Society brings bold flavor combinations and fresh, locally sourced ingredients that reinvent the classic grilled cheese sandwich. We operate out of cloud kitchens in Austin, meaning the food is only available for delivery and there’s no dining room for guests to come in and eat. This cloud kitchen concept allows us to focus solely on the quality of the food and our excellent service. It also means you can enjoy our crave-worthy grilled cheese creations without ever leaving your couch.

Grilled Cheese Society’s signature grilled cheese sandwiches are our claim to fame. We’ve elevated this simple childhood favorite to new heights, serving up innovative, gourmet creations. Our vast menu ensures that anybody, whether they’re a picky eater or the ultimate foodie, will find something they enjoy. 

It’s no secret that Austinites love their brunch. Brunch is so popular, in fact, that you’ll sometimes wait hours just to be seated on a Sunday morning. Instead of dragging yourself out of bed to wait around for eggs benedict, try The Regular, which is two fried eggs, bacon, melted American cheese, fresh tomato, and Society Sauce on white bread. It’s like brunch and grilled cheese met and had a baby. And the best part is that you can enjoy it while relaxing on your couch. 

Inspired by the amazing Tex-Mex cuisine in Austin, we have The Special, which has chorizo, queso fresco, pepper jack cheese, roasted jalapeños, poblano peppers, red peppers, Society Sauce on wheat bread. Who says you have to hit the taco stand to get your hands on delicious Mexican food? This dish brings the classic flavors found in Tex-Mex dishes like fajitas, which were actually invented in Texas!

If you love bacon and blue cheese (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), we recommend The Thursday, with roasted turkey, crispy bacon, gooey Muenster cheese, blue cheese crumbles, avocado spread, and Society Sauce on wheat bread. The sharp blue cheese is balanced by the creamy avocado and the melty muenster, all of which is complemented by the piled-high turkey and bacon. 

If you like to keep things a bit more simple, go with The Usual, which is melted American cheese on white bread. Hey, you can’t go wrong with a classic. Paired with a cup of our Creamy Tomato soup, this meal will transport your right back to childhood. 

If you want a bit more protein in your grilled cheese, try The Corner Booth, a reimagining of the classic patty melt made with a hamburger patty, pepper jack cheese, zesty grilled onions, sautéed mushrooms, and Society Sauce on wheat bread. Patty melts are a diner classic, but we’ve reinvented it with creamy pepper jack cheese and fresh veggies, cooked to perfection. 

Before you finalize your order, make sure you check out our sides menu. We’re serving up tasty options like our signature Spicy Fries, which are crispy french fries topped with spicy ghost pepper seasoning. If you’re not a spice fan, try our Onion Rings, Sweet Potato Tots, and our homemade Mac and Cheese. If you’re on the go, grab the Mac and Cheese Bites, which are gooey balls of mac and cheese, fried to perfection, and perfect for dipping. 

We love Austin, and we’re so happy to serve this community. While we maintain that we have the best grilled cheese in Texas, there are a few other local spots that serve up amazing grilled cheese creations and are worth a visit. 

Black Star Co-op

Black Star Co-op is a community-owned brewery and restaurant that serves up locally brewed beers and delicious comfort food creations. They claim to be the world’s first cooperatively owned and worker self-managed pub, but their innovative concept isn’t what keeps customers coming back time and time again—it’s their fantastic food and drink. 

Grilled cheese is just one of the items on their menu, but it’s a customer favorite. Their interpretation combines cheddar and gruyere cheeses with tomato chutney and serves it all up on sourdough bread from Easy Tiger, a local Austin bakery.

24 Diner

If you’ve got a hankering for a grilled cheese at 2 a.m., have no fear, 24 Diner has got your back. 24 Diner is open, you guessed it, 24 hours a day and is inspired by the classic diners of the 1950s, but with an eclectic Austin flair. They serve reimagined comfort food, and their grilled cheese is no exception.

24 Diner offers M’s Grilled Cheese, which has cheddar and Havarti cheeses and is served with roasted tomato on sourdough bread. It’s a simple dish, but you can’t go wrong with a classic.  

Emojis Grilled Cheese Food Truck

Emojis Grilled Cheese serves up delicious grilled cheese creations to Austinites from a food truck stationed in a permanent location in East Austin. Food trucks are extremely popular, with an industry currently valued at around $1 billion dollars

Emojis Grilled Cheese sells all kinds of grilled cheese creations. They offer the classics, like ham and cheddar, and tomato and basil, as well as more inventive combinations, like Italian Meatball, roast beef, and grilled chicken with pesto. Since it’s a food truck, they tend to move around, so make sure to check where they’re stationed to get your hands on a tasty grilled cheese. 

Burro Cheese Kitchen

A place with the word “cheese” in its name is bound to offer an amazing grilled cheese sandwich. They opened in 2013 out of an old shipping container and have been providing Austin with gourmet cheeses and exotic flavor combinations ever since. Their name is inspired by a Balkan burro cheese called Pule, which goes for $750 per pound. This is the most expensive cheese in the world, which they say represents that they’re the best of the best. 

Their menu combines artisan cheeses with fresh-baked bread and finishes them with a variety of house-made sauces. The Long Tall Texan, served on sourdough with aged cheddar, brisket, and serrano pineapple sauce, is an ode to the BBQ cuisine that’s so popular in Austin. For those with a more refined palette, they offer the Via 206, which is gouda, provolone, and balsamic apricot fig sauce on sourdough. 

Burro Cheese Kitchen also has more classic grilled cheeses for those who like to keep it simple. The O.G., which is Havarti cheese on a King’s Hawaiian roll, and the Burning Mac, with mac and cheese, cheddar, and Yellowbird sauce, is popular with guests young and old.


Haymaker serves cheesy, hearty comfort food in a casual, homey environment. They say their concept is inspired by the neighborhood bars found in the Midwest and the Northeastern U.S., where anyone is welcome. They strive to serve simple, hearty food that any man, woman, or child is sure to enjoy. Their menu is inspired by regional cuisine from all around America. 

The titular Haymaker sandwich has rare roast beef topped with french fries, gruyere sauce, slaw, tomatoes, and a fried egg, all served on Texas toast. This piled-high sandwich is massive and extremely filling, so make sure to bring your appetite. 

Their Croque Monsieur, inspired by the French classic, comes with applewood-smoked ham, Grand Cru gruyère, dijon mustard, and gruyere sauce, all served on their fluffy Texas toast. They even offer the option to add a fried egg and make it a Croque Madame.

Their customer favorite is the Nutty Grilled Cheese, made with pecans, Grand Cru gruyere, sliced apples, and mixed greens. This sandwich is creamy and nutty, cut with a tartness from the apples. This combination may sound fancy, but when made the Haymaker way, it’s hearty, comforting, and insanely delicious. 


It’s no secret that Austin is an amazing city for food and drink. In true Austin fashion, every dish is elevated with amazing ingredients and inventive flavor combinations. Next time you’re craving a gooey, comforting grilled cheese, check us out by ordering from Grilled Cheese Society on your favorite delivery app. You’re sure to get a mouth-watering sandwich that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

For more information about Grilled Cheese Society, visit us online here.


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